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Economic incentives in projects in which fluoride coolants are substituted with natural coolants.


In 2012, the Spanish Office of Climate Change (OECC) launched the Climate Projects initiative, promoted through HAZ-CO2 (Carbon base for a sustainable economy from MAGRAMA). This initiative is developed in order to transform the current Spanish system into a lower-carbon level model through a payment of 9.7 euros per ton of reduced CO2 during the first 4 years that the project runs.


Characteristics of the projects:

  • Located in Spain.
  • The owner of the project can receive up to 9.7 euros/t reduced CO2 during the first 4 years.
  • Allows emission reduction for general sectors, transport, services, waste…
  • Doesn’t include sewage emission absorption or electric consumption.
  • They have to be additional projects to those required by law.


2012 2013 2014 2015 2016


Stage Period Action
1 March 29 – May 15 Write Project Idea Note (PIN)
May – June PIN pre-selection
May – June PIN pre-selection/td>
2 June – July Elaborate on project documents
August – November Project evaluation by FES-CO2 (OECC)
December Formalize buying/selling contracts
3 Begin project
Annually for the duration of the 4-year contract Follow-up (mechanic verification)
Every year after verification Payment



Gases to substitute/introduce:

Gases to substitute and their Global Warming Potential:


R-23 1100
R-125 2800
R-134 A 1300
R-218 7000
RC318 8700
R-143 A 3800
R-32 650
R-404 3784
R-407 A 1990
R407 B 2695
R-407 C 1653
R.407 F 1705
R-410 A 1975
R-410 B 2118
R-413 A 1918
R-417 A 2234
R-417 B 2923
R.422 A 3043
R-422 B 2623
R-424 A 2328
r-426 A 1382
r-427 A 2013
R-428 A 3495
R-434 A 3131
R-437 A 1684
R-438 A 2151
R-442 A 1793
R-507 A 3850
R-508 A 11939
R-508 B 11946


Gases to introduce and their Global Warming Potential:


R-134A 1300
R-32 650
R-426A 1382
R-152A 140
R-160 0
R-21 0
R123 90
R-764 0
R-30 9
R-40 0
R-611 0
R-717 (NH3) 0
R-1130 0
R-50 21
R-170 3
R-290 3
R-600 3
R-600A 3
R-1150 3
R-1270 3
R-E170 0
R-744 ( CO²) 1
R-718 ( H²0) 0



  • To contribute to sustainable development and end climate change.
  • Improved knowledge in sustainability and climate change.
  • Streamlining of installations included in the National Allocation Plan through portfolio management of emission rights.
  • Project promotion in energy efficiency field.
  • Calculation and compensation for carbon footprint or GEI Emissions Inventory.
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