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Isofred Ltd. installed cooling systems in the food product factory in La Piemontesa, dedicated to restoring Italian food in all of Spain.

We designed and executed the system with the idea of using natural coolants and maximum energy efficiency. This involved sustainability benefits and carbon footprint reduction along with a better investment return period.

Our cooling services are not only made to cool work rooms with a conditioning volume of 4,000m3, but also to cool different products in cooling rooms (1,100 m3) and freezing preservation (4,100 m3 in 850 pallets).

The idea of cooling production has been facilitated with a system that is flooded with ammonium gravity confined in the machine room that refrigerates a secondary fluid used for factory distribution. At the same time, it condenses a dry expansion freezing preservation circuit in a subcritical CO2 system.

This design has great advantages in regards to energetic efficiency referring to safety, confining toxic fluids in the machine room and achieving a global COP near 2.

Using energetic saving measures comes first, as they are the use of speed variants and use of residual heat energy through the use of desuperheater in discharge of proportional activation and screw compressor oil circuit cooling. These energies are used in the same cooling system to complete the defrosting process through hot glycol, like ACS factory production.

In the workrooms, what stands out is the air-cooling equipment from the GÜNTNER GGBK series, with a specific design that combines minimal annoyance for the workers with a simple take-down operation to carry out cleaning and disinfecting protocols.

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